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Inbound is a free program available to incoming Illinois students.

No, you are not allowed to attend Inbound if you have not accepted your admission at the University of Illinois. You are only allowed to attend Inbound if you have accepted your admission to the University of Illinois.

Yes, New Student & Family Experiences does not coordinate New Student Registration. More information about that process can be found here. If admitted to Inbound, you will automatically be transferred to the appropriate New Student Registration appointment.

No, we do not have programming for family members or guests during Inbound. However, family members and guests are encouraged to meet your student at the Illini Union for New Student Registration on the second day of programming.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide transportation for Inbound. If you are unable to drive to campus, we encourage you to research public transportation.

Individual parking permits and parking lot rentals are available for purchase through the Parking Department. These permits can be purchased in-person or over the phone at (217) 333-3530. Visit the university's Parking Department for more information and details regarding parking availability.

If you are dropping off a student, we ask that you utilize campus parking meters. You may pay with coins (quarters, dimes, or nickels) or by card through the MobileMeter App. Each meter is marked with the hours of enforcement and maximum time limits (i.e.- 30 minutes, 2, 8, or 10 hours).